Dear readers,

as you know the main idea of the blog is to create passive income. This is not simple, as living of dividends requires a significant amount of capital. Nevertheless as a young person I can also live of salary earned, so I am going for holidays and I hope I will have a good time!

I will come back in August and I hope that next earnings season will bring me some positive surprises in my portfolio and some buying opportunities on the market.

What do I expect from my portfolio?

Wal-Mart – continuation of positive trends, growth of e-commerce. I hope that WMT will shot that it can successfully compete with Amazon.

Archer Daniels Midland – as you know situation in soybean market is supportive (increase in spread) and this is reflected in share price over the last months. Now I expect that company will present good results and guidance will be raised. I also think that company can profit on trading – in Q1 there were some losses, so when market reversed it is natural to expect some profits in this area too.

Apple – this is a big question mark. The key issue is whether company will give some guidance on when iPhone 7 will be released. Another issue are iPads – I expect some positive results in this area.

Franklin Resources – well situation on the market is not supportive, nevertheless in last months there were periods with flat AuM, which is definitely good. Moreover maybe company will pay some extra dividend, as cash piles on balance sheet are enormous…


Summing up, I feel very calm about my portfolio and I will come in August (before some of my companies will publish results).


Have a good time,