As you remember I bought shares of Apple after weak Q2 financial results and it seems to be a good call (obviously execution could have been better, but anyway, no one is perfect). Company reported results for fiscal Q3 which were above market expectations ($1.42 vs $1.38):


Well trend is still negative with weaker results on a year to year basis, but until iPhone 7 will be introduced I do not expect this trend to change.

It is quite interesting – when results were weak people were worried about China and in fact Greater China market is still performing bad.


Now when results are good investors are talking mainly about iPhone 7 and its’ prospects and services which are growing very fast. Globally, Apple grew its revenue from Services 19 percent and the app store hit an all-time record. Services will be “the size of a Fortune 100 company by next year,” said Cook.


I would also add that iPads performed quite well in this quarter growing both on quarter to quarter and year to year basis.

Summing up, valuation is still not demanding, company should pay increasing dividends for foreseeable future, trend on financial results should reverse soon and I prefer to wait for iPhone 7 with than without shares.


Disclaimer – long AAPL