There are so many websites about dividend investing that it is hard to enumerate them all. Below I will be gradually present best websites and brief justification why I think website is useful. Obviously it is my subjective opinion.

Dividend Mantra – the first blog I visited. Thank you for inspiring me

Passive Income Pursuit – for your systematic work, having 200+ interesting high quality posts in 2016 is a paragon!

My Dividend Pipeline – for showing very interesting (sometimes hard) personal story. I feel strong motivation when I see how you are growing!

Simply Safe Dividends – for very deep analysis of companies and many useful tools on your website.

Div4son – I like your analysis of companies, they are much deeper than mine and I find these analysis very useful when analyzing investments + awesome google docs tools

My Dividend Growth – Watchlists – very useful tool. It inspired me to make Valuation list.

DIvidend Reference – Thank you for Dividend Report Cards – the fastest way to have a quick look at company.

The Dividend Guy Blog – I admire you for following your principles – I wish I could be so disciplined.

Dividend Hawk – Thank you for your Week in Review posts. It is so much easier to follow many companies with your posts.

Dividend Diplomats – Thank you for looking for high yielding good quality companies.

Captain Dividend – I wish you could update Dividend Champions list – I like it!

Dividend Growth Investor – For writing from 2008 with more than 150 posts every year. Repository of knowledge.

DIvGro – For the way you achieve your goals! Keep going!

Sure Dividend – For great articles both as it comes to quality and quantity, thank you!

Freedom Thirty Five – For interesting approach to hedging daily expenses.

DivHut – For analyzing not only Dividend Aristocrats.

Passive Income Dude – For interesting approach to real estate investments, maybe I will consider such investments one day.

Dividend Rider – Your blog is up again. I keep my fingers crossed. I’m adding your blog, because I know it is not easy to come back after a long break!

Smart Dividend Stocks – For your effort to create Donald Trump Stock Portfolio. I feel now safer with my AAPL investment :)

Polliesdividend – For Pollie-Code, which shows (on example of your portfolio) that having big profits (market value – cost basis) is not so difficult!